Bänziger Hug, a Swiss based design agency, founded in 2011 by Samuel Bänziger and Olivier Hug. Covering works in all areas of print and interactive design. We design books, exhibitions, publications, identities, and websites for cultural institutions, businesses and individuals.

Poster for Zeughaus Teufen


Bänziger Hug GmbH
Eisengasse 3
9000 St.Gallen

Graphic Design and Art Direction
Samuel Bänziger
+41 79 220 48 38

Programming and Development
Olivier Hug
+41 79 645 79 62

Activities, Awards,
Lectures, Exhibitions,

● CAS Digital Typography «The end is near, the end», Zurich, 2015 (Lecture) ● Zeughaus Teufen, W-A-L-O, Teufen, 2015 (Workshop) ● Serebro Nabora Type Conference, Moscow, 2015 (Lecture) ● Libros Mutantes, Madrid, 2015 (Lecture, Contribution) ● Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2013 (A-Typical Plan, Park Books, Award) ● Tÿpo St.Gallen, Untitled (in collaboration with Kasper-Florio, Lecture) ● HFG Offenbach, Beni Bischof war krank (Workshop) ● Issue Frankfurt, The Most Beautiful Swiss Books (Activity) ● Art Books (www.artbooks.ch) is a non-commercial platform dedicated to the book. It’s goal is to make beautiful and hard to find publications available (Activity) ● Helmhaus Zürich, Publishers′ Tables 2011/2012/2013 (Activity) ● Graphic Magazine No.14, Work & Run: Young Studios (Contribution) ● Graphic Magazine No.12, Manystuff Special (Contribution) ● Unit Editions, Type Only (Contribution) ● FAT Magazine (Contribution) ● Glory Glory 2013 (Contribution) ● Library Paper, Issue 01 (Contribution) ● Dead or Alive (Edition Fink), Frankfurt (Activity) ● Insight into Qompendium, Mudam Luxembourg (Movie) ● Panatom Gallery (Exhibition) ● Seduktion, All you (n)ever wanted (Exhibition) ● Twenty Two for Two Times Elliott (Contribution) ● Étapes n°195 : Quelque part entre graphisme et architecture. (Contribution) ● About Mark Pezinger "Catalog" (Contribution)


Lilly Keller Künstlerin has been awarded «The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2015». In collaboration with Krispin Heé.
Visual Identity for the new chair Studio Meili Vogt Conzett at the ETH Zurich.
We've just launched a new website for Bollhalder Eberle Architects. Concept and Design by Bureau Collective.
Website and identity for Forrer Stieger Architects.
Website for St.Gallen based photographer Ladina Bischof. The website uses our ScalableLightbox plugin.
A jQuery plugin for building aesthetically minimalistic, responsive picture lightboxes. https://scalable-lightbox.com
21 contemporary artistic positions, in the form of site-specific installations and performative actions, sound out the museum as an institution, its collection and the ideas underlying it. Edition Patrick Frey’s eponymous Das Fremde ist nur in der Fremde fremd presents various interpretations of these artistic interventions as well as photographic documentation of the show, rounded out by literary contributions from Peter Weber and Lukas Bärfuss. Catalouge coming soon. In collaboration with Krispin Heé.
Check out our latest web project, a responsive website for Swiss artist Daniel Stiefel.
We’re so excited. A-Typical Plan has been awarded «The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2013». In collaboration with Larissa Kasper.
The corresponding website editionfink.ch/kunsthof references supplemental audio and video documents from the book MIND THE GAP — Kunsthof Zürich, Documents and Materials 1993—2013. ISBN 978-3-03746-177-8


Alpenhof, Amt für Kultur, Architektura, Art as Foundation, Barão-Hutter Atelier, Bayerische Staatsoper, Beni Bischof, Biennale Venice, Bibliothek Hauptpost, Bibliothek Vadiana, Björn Dahlem, Chewing the Scenery, Christian Kerez, Edition Fink, EPFL, ETH Zurich, Glory Hazel, GTA Verlag, Gunz & Künzle Architects, HNA Architects, H.R. Fricker, idA Architects, Kaltehand Natascha Waters, kinki Magazine, klotzholz, Kram Weisshaar, Kummer + Partner, Kunstmuseum St.Gallen, Kunstmuseum Solothurn, Labics, Mara Züst, Marc Fuhrer, Mariel Manuel, Studio Meili Vogt Conzett, Mendrisio Academy Press, Miller & Maranta, Museum Rietberg, Niggli Publishers, Park Books, Phytopharma, Saiten, Schweizer Kunst, trans Magazine, tri Publications, University of St.Gallen, Vexer Verlag, Visarte, We find Wildness, Zeughaus Teufen

Digital Work

Archiv Ostschweizer Kunstschaffen, Ammann Partner, Ammann Siebrecht Fotografie, Andreas Bechtiger, Art as Foundation, Barão-Hutter.Atelier, Beni Bischof, Bollhalder Eberle Architects, Bureau Collective, Chewing the Scenery, Christian Hersche, Christian Kerez, Coiffure Duett, Daniel Stiefel, Forrer Stieger Architects, Glory Hazel, Gunz & Künzle Architects, H.R. Fricker, idA Architects, Kaltehand/Natasha Waters, Kummer + Partner, Kunsthof – Digital Archive, Labics Architects, Lukas Schneeberger, Manuel Moreno, Mara Züst, Mariel Manuel, Phytopharma, Rencontres Théâtrales de Bulle, Republic of Common Ground, Studio Meili Vogt Conzett, Trans Magazin, University of St.Gallen


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Poster Series – Factory Teufen in collaboration with Kasper-Florio
Lilly Keller Künstlerin has been awarded «The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2015». In collaboration with Krispin Heé.
Poster Series – Studio Meili Vogt Conzett, ETH Zurich
Workbook – Studio Meili Vogt Conzett, ETH Zurich
Website – Bollhalder Eberle Architects. Design by Bureau Collective
Christian Kerez Kompendium 2015–2009
Z H T In collaboration with Kasper-Florio
Space of Production. In collaboration with Kasper-Florio
Website – Forrer Stieger Architects
Seduktion All you (n)ever wanted. Published by Jungle Books.
Sechs grosse Häuser für Basel, Sei grandi edifici per Basilea (Atelier Miller, Miller & Maranta).
A-Typical Plan has been awarded for «The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2013».
Website – Mara Züst, cultural promoter, curator and artist
Kunst und Bau Nummer 1, Vexer Verlag. In collaboration with Krispin Heé.
«Das Fremde ist nur in der Fremde fremd». In collaboration with Krispin Heé.
«Das Fremde ist nur in der Fremde fremd». In collaboration with Krispin Heé.
«Das Fremde ist nur in der Fremde fremd» (Backside). In collaboration with Krispin Heé.
Website – Ammann Siebrecht Fotografen
Website – Andreas Bechtiger
Series of ephemera
Artist Archive
Poster – All you ever wanted, all you never wanted
Mind the Gap – Kunsthof Zürich
Website – Beni Bischof
Website – Daniel Stiefel
Schauhaus Botanischer Garten, Niggli Verlag
Website – Christian Kerez
Sciene & Fiction
Website – Kummer Architekten
Website – Labics Architects
Saiten Magazine
Website – Chewing the Scenery, Swiss off-site pavilion at the Biennale di Venezia 2011
JS App – Buccinef's Bachelor Thesis
Trans Magazine
Aosta Newspaper – Institute for Landscape Architecture